2.3.3. Connecting Trace

The ARM Cortex-R4F test chip contains an Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM-R4) and Trace connectors are provided on the CT-R4F:


Trace tools using multiplexed trace packets (such as RealView Trace) require only one Mictor trace probe (Trace Port A). The CT-R4F supports both multiplexed (one trace connector) and demultiplexed mode (two trace connectors). The second connector is present to support trace tools that use demultiplexed trace packets. The trace size supported by the connectors is medium (16-bit packets).

Connect the RealView ICE run control unit to the JTAG ICE connector J18 on the EB to provide the JTAG signals that are required for controlling the ETM-R4 via the Debug Access Port (DAP) in the ARM Cortex-R4F test chip. The Ethernet, USB, and power supply cables connect to the RealView ICE unit.


The JTAG signals are also available, including CoreSight Serial Wire Debug (SWD), at the TRACE A connector. See Board level control and status for details on selecting the JTAG source and Trace connectors for pinout details.

If your baseboard does not provide a separate JTAG ICE connector, you must setup the CT-R4F to provide the JTAG port at the TRACE A connector and use the RealView ICE socket on the Mictor trace probe.

For more details on using Trace, see the RealView ICE and RealView Trace User Guide (ARM DUI 0155) supplied with your trace hardware.

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