B.1.1. CADIReturn_t

This is the result returned by most calls and it is a general indication of the status of the call. When an error is detected, the debugger can call CADIXfaceGetError() to retrieve an error message in text form.

Example B.1. CADIReturn_t

enum CADIReturn_t
   CADI_STATUS_OK,                     // The call was successful.
   CADI_STATUS_GeneralError,           // This indicates an error that isn't sufficiently explained by
                                       // one of the other error status values.
   CADI_STATUS_UnknownCommand,         // The command is not recognized.
   CADI_STATUS_IllegalArgument,        // An argument value is illegal.
   CADI_STATUS_CmdNotSupported,        // The command is recognized but not supported.
   CADI_STATUS_ArgNotSupported,        // An argument to the command is recognized but not supported.
                                       // For example, the target does not support a 
                                       // particular type of complex breakpoint.
   CADI_STATUS_InsufficientResources,  // Not enough memory or other resources
                                       // exist to fulfill the command.
   CADI_STATUS_TargetNotResponding,    // A timeout has occurred across the CADI interface 
                                       // - the target did not respond to the command.
   CADI_STATUS_TargetBusy,             // The target received a request, but is unable to process the
                                       // command. The caller can try this call again after some time.
   CADI_STATUS_BufferSize,             // Buffer too small (for char* types)
   CADI_STATUS_SecurityViolation,      // Request has not been fulfilled due to
                                       // a security violation
   CADI_STATUS_PermissionDenied,       // Request has not been fulfilled since 
                                       // the permission was denied
   CADI_STATUS_ENUM_MAX = 0xFFFFFFFF   // Max enum value.

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