A.2.5. CADIBroker::SelectSimulation()

This method enables connecting to the running simulation selected by the simulation identifier. A pointer to the simulation is returned on success. If no simulation with the given ID is managed by this broker, 0 is returned.

virtual CADISimulation* CADIBroker::SelectSimulation( uint32_t simulationId,
                        CADIErrorCallback* errorCallbackObject,
                        CADISimulationCallback* simulationCallbackObject,
                        char simulationCallbacksEnable[CADI_SIM_CB_Count]) =0;



is the ID of the simulation to be returned. This is part of the respective entry in the list of the simulation infos simulationList returned by GetSimulationInfos().


is the error callback object to be used for signaling error conditions.


is the simulation callback object to be used for signaling model-wide conditions.


This callback might be called during execution of SelectSimulation() to, for example, signal that the simulation wants to shut down.


The elements of this array enable or disable specific simulation callbacks. The simulation must always check if the callbacks are enabled and these must not be called if they are disabled. The callbacks might be disabled, for example, if the listener does not want to be called in certain cases.

return value

is the pointer to the simulation or NULL if the call fails.

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