A.3.6. CADISimulationFactory::Instantiate()

This method instantiates and returns a CADI simulation based on the given parameter values. Errors occurring during system initialization are signaled through the given error callback CADIErrorCallback.


This call might require a significant amount of time to complete. The call does not return until the instantiation is completed.

virtual CADISimulation * CADISimulationFactory::Instantiate(
                        CADIParameterValue_t *parameterValues,
                        CADIErrorCallback *errorCallbackObject,
                        CADISimulationCallback *simulationCallbackObject,
                        char simulationCallbacksEnable[CADI_SIM_CB_Count]) =0;



are the parameter values for the simulation as specified by the parameter infos returned by GetParameterInfos().


is the error callback object to be used for signaling error conditions during simulation.


is the callback object to be used for signaling model-wide conditions.


The elements of this array enable or disable specific simulation callbacks.


The simulation must always check if the callbacks are enabled or not and these must not be called if they are disabled. The listener might not want to be called in certain cases.

return value

is the pointer to the created simulation or NULL if instantiation failed.

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