3.8. CADI Disassembler

The CADI Disassembler is an extension of the common CADI interface. It enables a debugger to exploit a disassembler that is integrated into a simulation model. This has the advantage of entirely separating the ISA-specific information from the implementation of the debugger.

A CADI Disassembler is mainly intended to deliver disassembly information from a target to the debugger. However It also provides interface methods that expose debug information a model might have extracted.

The CADI Disassembler interface consists of the CADIDisassembler class and the CADIDisassemblerCB class. CADIDisassemblerCB is required to be implemented by the connected debugger and declares callback methods. These are directly linked to methods in CADIDisassembler and return the requested information to those calls.

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