1.3.1. CADI classes used to control the simulation target

The CADISimulation method GetTarget() returns a pointer, of type CAInterface, to the required target component. After calling its ObtainInterface() method to validate interface compatibility, the target can convert the pointer to the wanted interface type.

The targeted interface acquisition is depicted in Figure 1.3. All of the objects shown derive from CAInterface.

The standard CADI interfaces that can be obtained from the target pointer are CADI, CADIDisassembler, CADIProfiling, or a type that corresponds to a custom extension. The type is typically CADI or CADIDisassembler. These interfaces might not, however, be implemented for a target (see Optional implementation).

Chapter 4 The CADI Extension Mechanism describes adding interface extensions. Extensions are in addition to the standard types. Dedicated callback objects must be registered. Communication is typically asynchronous into both directions, but the caller must manage synchronization of calls and any associated callbacks.

Figure 1.3. Relationship between CADI classes for target interface

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