A.8.26. CADI::CADIMemGetOverlays()

The debugger calls this function to get the list of active overlays. This would typically be done when a breakpoint is hit. When overlays are implemented, an overlay ID must be stored in the symbol table and in the target software. The symbol table must store the starting address, memory space, and byte count for each overlay. This enables the ID to be sent to the host when an overlay occurs.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIMemGetOverlays(uint32_t activeOverlayIndex,
                                           uint32_t desiredNumOfActiveOverlays,
                                           uint32_t* actualNumOfActiveOverlays,
                                           CADIOverlayId_t * overlays) =0;



is the start index into the internal buffer of overlays held by the target.


is the desired number of overlays.


is the number of overlay structures returned by the target.


is the list of overlays that are currently memory resident (that is, swapped-in). The array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller and filled by the target.

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