A.7.7. CADICallbackObj::modeChange()

Reports a mode change from the target to the debugger.

virtual void CADICallbackObj::modeChange(uint32_t newMode, 
                                CADIBptNumber_t bptNumber) =0;



is one of the CADI_EXECMODE_* constants (see CADI_EXECMODE_t enumeration).


is the breakpoint number. This value is used if the debugger has an action associated with a particular breakpoint. Temporary breakpoints, for example, might run a script after the breakpoint was hit.

This parameter can be ignored for all mode changes not related to a breakpoint.


The modeChange(CADI_EXECMODE_ResetDone) callback is identical to the legacy CADICallbackObj::reset() callback. See CADICallbackObj::reset().

Targets must support both callbacks to maintain backwards compatibility.

ARM recommends using modeChange(CADI_EXECMODE_ResetDone) in client code because the reset() callback is deprecated in a future version of CADI.

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