A.8.23. CADI::CADIMemGetBlocks()

It is recommended that the debugger for the target call this once for each memory space, provided by the calling the CADIMemGetSpaces() function, before accessing memory in that space. This must return the layout of the memory in a specific block. No two blocks with the same parent can overlap. This call returns existing memory blocks only. The caller can assume that any memory that is not in a block is a gap or invalid memory.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIMemGetBlocks(uint32_t memorySpace, 
                                            uint32_t memBlockIndex,
                                            uint32_t desiredNumOfMemBlocks, 
                                            uint32_t * actualNumOfMemBlocks,
                                            CADIMemBlockInfo_t * memBlocks) =0;



is the ID of the memory space for which the caller requests a block list.


is the index into the internal buffer of memory blocks held by the target for the specified memory space.


is the desired number of memory blocks.


is the is the total number of blocks returned by the target. It is less than the number requested if the number requested is more than the number available.


is a buffer that must be big enough to hold the desired number of CADIMemBlockInfo_t structures. Space is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller.

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