A.8.15. CADI::CADIRegGetGroups()

This call is used to retrieve register groups from the target.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIRegGetGroups(uint32_t groupIndex, 
                                            uint32_t desiredNumOfRegGroups,
                                            uint32_t * actualNumOfRegGroups,
                                            CADIRegGroup_t * reg) =0;



is the index into the internal list of register groups as maintained by the target. It is not the group IDs.


is the size of the reg[] buffer provided by the caller.


is, on return, the number of groups that have actually been returned by the target. If this is less than the number requested, the debugger might call this function again with a different groupIndex. Any value set on input is ignored.


is the register group information. The array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller and filled by the target:

  • The amount of space allocated must be enough to hold the number of groups desired.

  • If the desired count is greater than the targets total number of register groups, the target must return all groups.

  • If fewer groups are returned than requested, the last entries of the reg[] array are left empty.

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