A.12.5. CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetExecution()

This gets the results of a profiling session for executable code.

If called before profiling is stopped or before a legal set of regions has been established, this call must return CADI_STATUS_GeneralError.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetExecution(
                                              CADIProfileResultType_t * type,
                                              uint32_t regIndex, uint32_t regionSlots,
                                              uint32_t * regionCount,
                                              CADIProfileResults_t * region) =0;



indicates whether percentage statistics or an absolute count is being returned. See CADIProfileResultType_t.


is the index into the internal buffer held by the target.


is the number of spaces requested to be filled. The target shall not fill more than this number of elements in the region array.


is the actual number of regions setup by CADIProfileSetup plus one. The additional count indicates the other category.


corresponds to the regions setup by CADIProfileSetup. The array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller and filled by the target. See CADIProfileResults_t.

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