A.8.34. CADI::CADIExecGetResetLevels()

Many targets have more than just one reset level. This call enables the debugger to determine what these levels are.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIExecGetResetLevels(
                                            uint32_t startResetLevelIndex,
                                            uint32_t desiredNumOfResetLevels,
                                            uint32_t * actualNumOfResetLevels,
                                            CADIResetLevel_t * resetLevels) =0;



is the index into the internal buffer of reset levels held by the target.


is the number of levels desired by the caller.


is the number of reset levels actually returned.


is the caller allocated list that receives the requested reset levels. The number of elements must be the same as the desiredNumOfResetLevels to provide space for the requested reset levels. The contents must be returned sorted in order of most severe (at reset level zero) to least severe.

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