A.8.38. CADI::CADIExecReset()

Upon receipt of this call, the target:

This call provides a simulation level reset.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIExecReset(uint32_t resetLevel) =0;

where resetLevel must be one of the numbers provided in the resetLevels array received by CADIExecGetResetLevels().

On receiving this call, the target reset its execution related internal state. It resets registers and memories to a predefined state, but does not change breakpoints or callbacks.

This call provides a generic reset interface that is independent of the actual model implementation. For example, a debugger can use this call to reset the simulation of a model, system, or subsystem that does not implement an explicit simulation-level reset mechanism.

The list of reset levels is target specific:

CADIExecReset() is an asynchronous call. After the reset finishes, the target sends a modeChange(CADI_EXECMODE_ResetDone) callback to all connected debuggers. The reset might be finished at the time that CADIExecReset() returns.

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