A.12.7. CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetTrace()

This gets the results of a trace session. The block parameter contains the PC values that have been executed by the target.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetTrace(uint32_t blockIndex,
                                             uint32_t blockSlots,
                                             uint32_t * blockCount,
                                             CADITraceBlock_t * block) =0;



is the start index of the trace block.


is the number of spaces available to fill. The target must not fill more than this number of elements in the block array.


is the number of samples being returned.


is the list of executed addresses and overlay events in time sequential order. The blocks in the array must be sorted by time executed and block[0] must contain the most recently executed address or event. If multiple program memory spaces exist, and execution uses multiple spaces during execution, separate blocks must exist for each memory space. The block array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller and filled in by the target. See CADITraceBlock_t.

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