A.8.33. CADI::CADIExecGetModes()

Many processors have more than just run, stop, and breakpoint states. This call enables the debugger to determine the additional states.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIExecGetModes(uint32_t startModeIndex, 
                                            uint32_t desiredNumOfModes,
                                            uint32_t * actualNumOfModes, 
                                            CADIExecMode_t * execModes) =0; 



is the index into the internal buffer of execution modes held by the target.


is the requested number of modes.


is the number of modes returned by the target.


is a list of CADIExecMode_t structs to receive the requested execution modes. The caller allocates (and, if applicable, deallocates) space. The number of elements must be the same as desiredNumOfModes to provide enough space for the requested modes. The mode values are listed in CADI_EXECMODE_t enumeration.

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