A.8.9. CADI::CADIXfaceBypass()

Targets can have specialized commands that can be requested by the debugger. This command enables the debugger to pass a string containing one of these commands to a target. The target must silently ignore all unknown commands issued through this mechanism and on return set response to an empty string and use CADI_STATUS_UnknownCommand as the return value.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIXfaceBypass(uint32_t commandLength, 
                                            const char * command,
                                            uint32_t maxResponseLength,
                                            char * response) =0;



is the length, including the terminating zero, of the command. This helps networked versions of the interface to determine how much space to allocate for command.


is the entire command with all arguments.


is the length of the response array. The target must truncate the response to fit it into the array.


is the response from the target. This string might or might not be zero terminated. It might also be Null or contain binary data depending on the issued bypass commands

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