A.8.7. CADI::CADIXfaceAddCallback()

A debugger connected to the target must call this to register a callback object that handles asynchronous information from the target. The callback routines must not make calls to the target. It is possible for a debugger to receive a callback while in the middle of a call by, for example, receiving a modeChange callback from within a CADIExecStop call.

Callbacks from a target into the debugger typically come from a different thread (called the simulation thread) than the calls from the debugger into the target (called the GUI thread or debugger thread).

Already registered callbacks can be reconfigured with respect to the enabled callbacks. That is, they are replaced when called again.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIXfaceAddCallback(CADICallbackObj * callbackObj,
                                      char enable[CADI_CB_Count]) =0;



is a pointer to the object whose member functions are called as callbacks.


the elements of this array enable or disable specific callbacks. The caller must always check if the callbacks are enabled. The callbacks must not be called if they are disabled.

The indexes in the array must be based on the list in CADICallbackType_t. The length of the array is CADI_CB_Count.

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