A.12.2. CADIProfiling::CADIProfileSetup()

This informs the target of the memory regions that are to be profiled. This function must be called only once before any number of calls to either of the following:

virtual CADIReturn_t CADIProfiling::CADIProfileSetup(CADIProfileType_t type, 
               uint32_t regionCount, CADIProfileRegion_t * region) =0;



is the type of profiling, execution addresses or data access, to which these regions apply. It is one of the values defined in CADIProfileType_t:

  • CADI_PROF_TYPE_Execution

  • CADI_PROF_TYPE_Memory is used with CADIProfileGetMemory()

  • CADI_PROF_TYPE_Trace is used with CADIProfileGetTrace().


is the number of regions.


contains the description of the memory areas being added (see CADIProfileRegion_t). The caller allocates the required memory for this array.

The return value must be CADI_STATUS_IllegalArgument if any of the following are true:

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