A.7.3. CADICallbackObj::appliInput()

The target can call this function to request interactive console input from the debugger. The target must call this function only on the first debugger in the list of registered callback objects that implement this function and ignore the callbacks for all following connected debuggers that implement this function. This is in contrast to appliOutput() which is always broadcast to all connected debuggers.

virtual void CADICallbackObj::appliInput(uint32_t streamId,
                                         uint32_t count,
                                         uint32_t * actualCount,
                                         char * buffer) =0;



is the stream identifier. This must be set to CADI_STREAMID_STDIN.


is the number of characters requested.


is the number of characters supplied. This number must never be greater than the number of characters requested. If this number is equal to the number of characters requested, the caller can repeat the call to request more input. A return value of 0 indicates end of file. A return of -1, ~unit32(0), indicates an error such as, for example, an invalid stream ID.


is the supplied character stream. The buffer is not null terminated.

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