3.3.3. Setting runtime parameters

CADI provides a dedicated set of method calls to set runtime parameters through the CADI interface. To retrieve information on the available parameters, the CADIGetParameters() method can be used. The prototype for the method uses the typical scheme receiving:

An alternative way to acquire information for a single parameter is to use the CADIGetParameterInfo() call. It receives the name of the parameter that was, for example, determined using the list as retrieved by CADIGetParameters().

After the caller has obtained parameter descriptions, the corresponding values can be queried by CADIGetParameterValues(). To achieve this, an array that contains the corresponding data structures must be forwarded. The elements of the array are initialized with the necessary identifiers. The size of the array is specified by the actualNumOfParams parameter.

Setting the runtime parameters for the target is performed in a similar manner. A list of parameters to set is created and forwarded. The CADISetParameters() method might return an error message that indicates the first encountered error. Based on this information, the caller can determine which parameter has caused the problem.

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