3.8.4. CADIDisassemblerStatus

Similar to the CADI class, the CADIDisassembler class can indicate the success or failure of some methods with the dedicated status type CADIDisassemblerStatus. This enumeration type informs the debugger about more details of an uncompleted method call. Methods that use this return type are those that request disassembly information. The following return values are defined:


The method call succeeded. All requested information was sent to the debugger either by callbacks or by filling a provided data buffer.

For multiply-triggered callbacks, for example when requesting multiple subsequent instructions to be disassembled, all have been issued to the debugger before returning from the method call.


Disassembling the requested address failed because the data was not a valid instruction for the specified ISA.


Disassembling the requested address failed because it was not within a valid memory range of the target.

Reading memory from this address with CADI::CADIMemRead() also fails.


An error occurred that is not covered by one of the other return values. This might be, for example, because of a lost connection or an illegal method call parameter such as, for example, an invalid pointer to a callback object.

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