App Console view

This view enables you to interact with the console I/O capabilities provided by the semihosting implementation in the ARM® C libraries. To use this feature, semihosting support needs to be compiled into your application. A standalone target programme with no operating system and using the standard ARM C library has semihosting enabled by default. Many other environments, such as Linux applications, do not use semihosting and instead have alternate means of console and host access.

Figure 22. App Console view

App Console view


Default settings for this view are controlled by a DS-5 Debugger setting in the Preferences dialog box. For example, default locations for specific files or the maximum number of lines to display. You can access these settings by selecting Preferences... from the Window menu.

Show/hideToolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:

Save Console Buffer

Save the contents of the Semihosting Console view to a text file.

Clear Console

Clear the contents of the Semihosting Console view.

Scroll Lock

Enable or disable the automatic scrolling of messages in the Semihosting Console view.

View Menu

This menu contains the following option:

Bring to Front for Write

If enabled, the debugger automatically changes the focus to this view when a Semihosting application prompts for input.


Copy the selected text.


Paste text that you have previously copied. You can paste text only when the application displays a semihosting prompt.

Select All

Select all text.

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