Launching the configuration database import utility

Launch the import utility using the following command-line syntax:

cdbimporter -cdb config_db -target-cdb destination_db { file.rvc | -model model_exec}



Specifies a path to the main database containing processor and registered definitions.


Directory in which the destination database resides and receives the generated platform.


Imports from a model that provides a CADI server.

  • If you supply the path to the model executable, the utility launches the model and then interrogates it.

  • If you do not supply the path to the model executable, you can:

    • Omit the path value. This forces the utility to search for a running model to interrogate

    • Manually enter the data for the connection to the model. For example, processors names, IDs, and processor definitions.


Imports from a configuration file (.rvc) generated by the Debug Hardware Configuration utility, rviconfig.


lists all the processors defined by the database supplied in the --cdb option.


Displays a summary of the main command-line options.

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