Creating a new platform configuration in DS-5 from an RVC file

You can use the Debug Hardware Configuration utitlity to connect to the target and save the information in a configuration file (.rvc). The resultant file contains limited debug and trace support for the platform that can be used to populate the DS-5 configuration database.

To import from an RVC file:

  1. Launch a command-line console:

    • On Windows, select Start → All Programs → DS-5 Command Prompt.

    • On Linux:

      1. Add the install_directory/bin directory to your PATH environment variable. If it is already configured then you can skip this step.

      2. Open Unix bash shell.

  2. Create a configuration file for the target connection.

  3. Launch the configuration database import utility, cdbimporter from the command-line using the required options.

  4. Follow the command prompts until succesfully completed.

  5. Launch Eclipse.

    1. Select Preferences from Windows menu.

    2. Expand the DS-5 configuration group.

    3. Select Target Database.

    4. Click Add... to locate the new target database.

    5. Select the entire directory.

    6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

    7. Select the new target database in the Settings for the configuration database panel.

    8. Click down continuously to move the new database to the end of the list.

    9. Click Rebuild database....

    10. Click OK to close the dialog box and save the settings.

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