Setting an execution breakpoint

The debugger enables you to set software or hardware breakpoints, depending on your target memory type. Software breakpoints are implemented by the debugger replacing the instruction at the breakpoint address with a special instruction opcode. Because the debugger requires write access to application memory, software breakpoints can only be set in RAM. Hardware breakpoints are implemented by EmbeddedICE® logic that monitors the address and data buses of your processor. For simulated targets, hardware breakpoints are implemented by your simulator software.

To set an execution breakpoint double-click in the left-hand marker bar of the C/C++ editor or the Disassembly view at the position where you want to set the breakpoint. To delete a breakpoint, double-click on the breakpoint marker.

The following figure shows an example of breakpoints, in the C/C++ editor and in the Disassembly view. These are also visible in the Breakpoints view.

Figure 7. Setting an execution breakpoint

Setting an execution breakpoint

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