Channel editor for the Event Viewer

This editor enables you to view the output generated by the Event Viewer.


This editor is enabled when you connect to a target where Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) capture is supported.

On starting a debug session with the Event Viewer enabled, a Channel editor tab opens for each ITM channel that is enabled. The Event Viewer displays textual logs from your application in order of creation (newer entries are added to the bottom of the view). If timestamps are available then this is displayed in an additional column, next to each log entry.

Data is captured from your application only when it runs. However, no data appears in the view until you stop the application. You can stop the target by clicking the Interrupt icon in the Debug Control view, or by entering the stop command in the Commands view. When your application stops then any captured logging information is automatically appended to the open views.

To cease capturing logging information, close the Channel editor tabs, and if you have finished debugging, then disconnect from the target by clicking on the Disconnect from Target icon in the Debug Control view.

Figure 33. Channel editor for the Event Viewer

Channel editor for the Event Viewer

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