Debug Configurations - Event Viewer tab

The Event Viewer tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box enables you to configure the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) channels that you want the debugger to use when capturing event data.


The settings in this tab are only enabled for targets where ITM capture is supported.

The Event Viewer tab contains the following elements:

Enable ITM capture

Enable or disable trace collection from the ITM unit.

Max analysis trace depth

Specify the size of the trace buffer. The maximum is 4GB but you can choose to use only a portion of the buffer in order to minimise data transfer and processing times. The data stored in the buffer is encoded as ITM packets, and might be interleaved with other trace data. Therefore the actual amount of your own data that can be recovered from the buffer might be less than the configured buffer size.

ITM Channel Configuration

Configure ITM channels to match the annotations used in the application source code.

ITM Channel

Specify the channel number.


Select the encoding for the selected channel.


Select for raw text.


Select to encode the data in a format that enables timestamps to be generated in addition to the raw text.

File Output

Specify where you want to send the event data.


Select to display data in the Channel editor, not in a file.


Select to display data in the Channel editor and append to a existing data in a text file.


Select to display data in the Channel editor and write to a text file. Any existing data in the text file is discarded.

Output File

Specify the output file that you want to use when saving event data:

  • Enter the host location and file name in the field provided.

  • Click on File System... to locate the file in an external directory from the workspace.

  • Click on Workspace... to locate the file in a project directory or sub-directory within the workspace.


Save the current configuration. This does not connect to the target.


Undo any changes and revert to the last saved configuration.


Connect to the target and close the Debug Configurations dialog box.


Close the Debug Configurations dialog box.

Figure 68. Event Viewer configuration

Event Viewer configuration

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