Target view

This view enables you to examine the debug capabilities supported by the target, such as:

All capabilities are read-only.

Figure 48. Target view

Target view

Right-click on the column headers to select the columns that you want displayed:


The name of the target capability.


The value of the target capability.


The name of the target capability. This is used by some commands in the Commands view.


A brief description of the target capability.

The Name, Value, and Description columns are displayed by default.

The Target view is not visible by default. To add this view:

  1. Ensure that you are in the DS-5 Debug perspective.

  2. Select Window → Show View to open the Show View dialog box.

  3. Select Target view.

Show/hideToolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:

Linked: context

Links this view to the selected connection in the Debug Control view. This is the default. Alternatively you can link the view to a specific connection. If the connection you want is not shown in the drop-down list you might have to select it first in the Debug Control view.

Refresh the Target Capabilities

Refreshes the view.


Copies the selected capabilities. To copy the capabilities in a group such as Memory capabilities, you must first expand that group.

This is useful if you want to copy the selected capabilities to a text editor and save them for future reference.

Select All

Selects all capabilities currently expanded in the view.

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