DS-5 Debugger menu and toolbar icons

These tables list the most common menu and toolbar icons available for use with DS-5 Debugger. For information on icons, markers, and buttons not listed in the following tables, see the standard Workbench User Guide or the C/C++ Development User Guide in the Help Contents.

If you leave the mouse pointer positioned on a toolbar icon for a few seconds without clicking, a tooltip appears informing you of the purpose of the icon.

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Table 4. DS-5 Debugger icons 

Connect to target
Connected to target
Disconnect from target
Delete connection
Start application and run to main
Start application and run to entry point
Run application from entry point
Restart the application
Continue running application
Stop application
Step into
Step over
Step out
Toggle stepping mode
Collapse all configurations in stack trace
Call stack
Kernel module
Define a new RSE connection
Refresh the RSE resource tree
Save view contents to a file
Clear view contents
Switch to History view
Synchronize view contents
Toggle scroll lock
Run commands from a script file
Export commands to a script file
Remove selected breakpoint, watchpoints, or expression (view dependent)
Remove all breakpoints, watchpoints, or expressions (view dependent)
Display breakpoint location in source file
Deactivate all breakpoints and watchpoints
Import from a file
Export to a file
Create new script file or add new expression (view dependent)
Run select script file
Open selected file for editing
Delete the selected files
Set display width
Set display format
Toggle the display of ASCII characters
Toggle freeze mode
Edit Screen view parameters
Add new Screen view
Add new Disassembly view
Add new Variables view
Add new Registers view
Add new Memory view
Add new Expression view
Add new Trace view
Add Functions view
View update in progress
Toggle trace marker
Show next match
Show previous match
Show instruction trace
Show function trace
Toggle navigation resolution
Toggle the views  

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Table 5. Perspective icons 


Open new perspective

DS-5 Debug
Fast view bar

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Table 6. View icons 

Display drop-down menu
Synchronize view contents

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Table 7. View markers 

Software breakpoint enabled
Hardware breakpoint enabled
Access watchpoint enabled
Read watchpoint enabled
Write watchpoint enabled
Software breakpoint disabled
Hardware breakpoint disabled
Access watchpoint disabled
Read watchpoint disabled
Write watchpoint disabled
Software breakpoint pending
Hardware breakpoint pending
Access watchpoint pending
Read watchpoint pending
Write watchpoint pending
Software breakpoint disconnected
Hardware breakpoint disconnected
Access watchpoint disconnected
Read watchpoint disconnected
Write watchpoint disconnected
Multiple-statement software breakpoint enabled
Multiple-statement software breakpoint disabled
Current location
Search result  

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Table 8. Miscellaneous icons 

Open a new resource wizard
Open new project wizard
Open new folder wizard
Open new file wizard
Open search dialog box
Display context-sensitive help
Open import wizard
Open export wizard

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