Export trace report dialog box

This dialog box enables you to generate a trace report.

Select source for trace report

Selects the required trace data:

Use trace view as report source

Instructions that are currently visible in the trace view.

Use trace buffer as report source

Raw trace data that is currently contained in the trace buffer.


When specifying a range, ensure that the range is large enough otherwise you might not get any trace output. This is due to the raw trace packing format used in the buffer.

Report Format

Configures the report:

Output Format

Selects the output format.

Include column headers

Enables you to add column headers in the first line of the report.

Select columns to export

Enables you to filter the trace data in the report.

Save as

Enter the report location and filename.


Selects the report location in the file system.

Figure 55. Export trace report dialog box

Export trace report dialog box

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