About loading an image on to the target

Before you can start debugging your application image, you must load the files on to the target. The files on your target must be the same as those on your local host workstation. The code layout must be identical, but the files on your target do require debug information.

You can manually load the files on to the target or you can configure a debugger connection to automatically do this after a connection is established. Some target connections do not support load operations and the relevant menu options are therefore disabled.

After connecting to the target you can also use the Debug Control view menu entry Load... to load files as required. The following options for loading an image are available:

Load Image Only

Loads the application image on to the target.

Load Image and Debug Info

Loads the application image on to the target and debug information from the same image into the debugger.

Load Offset

Specifies a decimal or hexadecimal offset that is added to all addresses within the image. A hexadecimal offset must be prefixed with 0x.

Enable on-demand loading

Specifies how you want the debugger to load debug information. Enabling this option can provide a faster load and use less memory but debugging might be slower.

Figure 30. Load File dialog box

Load File dialog box

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