Configuring the debugger path substitution rules

The debugger might not be able to locate the source file when debug information is loaded because:

Therefore, you must modify the search paths used by the debugger when it executes any of the commands that look up and display source code.

To modify the search paths:

  1. Open the Path Substitution dialog box:

    • If a source file cannot be located, a warning is displayed in the C/C++ editor. Click on Set Path Substitution.

    • In the Debug Control view, select Path Substitution from the view menu.

    Figure 39. Path Substitution dialog box

    Path Substitution dialog box

  2. Click on the toolbar icons in the Path Substitution dialog box to add, edit, or duplicate substitution rules:

    1. Enter the original path for the source files in the Image Path field or click on Select... to select from the compilation paths.

    2. Enter the current location of the source files in the Host Path field or click on:

      • File System... to locate the source files in an external folder

      • Workspace... to locate the source files in a workspace project.

    3. Click OK.

      Figure 40. Edit Substitute Path dialog box

      Edit Substitute Path dialog box

  3. If required, you can use the toolbar icons in the Path Substitution dialog box to change the order of the substitution rules or delete rules that are no longer required.

  4. Click OK to pass the substitution rules to the debugger and close the dialog box.

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