Types of target connections

Before you can debug an application you must set up a connection between the host workstation running the debugger and the target.

There are several types of connections supported by the debugger:

Linux application

To debug a Linux application you can use a TCP or serial connection:

  • to gdbserver running on a model that is pre-configured to boot ARM Embedded Linux.

  • to gdbserver running on a hardware target.

This type of development requires gdbserver to be installed and running on the target. If gdbserver is not installed on the target, either see the documentation for your Linux distribution or check with your provider. Alternatively, you might be able to use the gdbserver from the DS-5 installation at install_directory/arm.

Bare-metal and Linux kernel

To debug an application running on a bare-metal target, a Linux kernel, or a kernel device driver, you can use a debug hardware agent connected to the host workstation and the target.

Snapshot Viewer

The Snapshot Viewer enables you to debug a read-only representation of your application using previously captured state.


Currently DS-5 only supports DS-5 Debugger connections to the Snapshot Viewer using the command-line console.

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