Configuring an Event Viewer connection to a bare-metal target

The Event Viewer allows you to capture and view textual logging information from bare-metal applications. Logging is captured from your application using annotations that you must add to the source code.


The Event Viewer tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box is only enabled for targets where Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM) capture is supported.


Before connecting you must ensure that you:

  • Have the target IP address or name for the connection between the debugger and the debug hardware agent.

  • Annotate your application source code with logging points and recompile it. See the ITM and Event Viewer Example for Versatile Express A9x4 provided with DS-5 for more information.


To connect to the target:

  1. Select Window → Open Perspective → DS-5 Debug from the main menu.

  2. Select Debug Configurations... from the Run menu.

  3. Select DS-5 Debugger from the configuration tree and then click on New to create a new configuration.

  4. In the Name field, enter a suitable name for the new configuration.

  5. Click on the Connection tab to configure a DS-5 Debugger target connection:

    1. Select the required platform. For example, ARM-Versatile Express A9x4, Bare Metal Debug, Debug and Trace Cortex-A9x4 SMP via DSTREAM.

    2. Configure the connection between the debugger and the debug hardware agent.

  6. Click on the Files tab to define the target environment and select debug versions of the application file and libraries on the host that you want the debugger to use.

    1. In the Target Configuration panel, select the application on the host that you want to download to the target.

  7. Click on the Debugger tab to configure the debugger settings.

    1. In the Run control panel, specify the actions that you want the debugger to do after connection to the target.

    2. Configure the host working directory or use the default.

    3. In the Paths panel, specify any source search directories on the host that the debugger uses when it displays source code.

  8. If required, click on the Arguments tab to enter arguments that are passed, using semihosting, to the application when the debug session starts.

  9. Click on the Event Viewer tab to configure the ITM capture settings.

    1. Select Enable Event Viewer for ITM events.

    2. Enter the maximum size of the trace buffer. For example, you can enter 100MB for a DSTREAM connection. Be aware that larger buffers have a performance impact by taking longer to process but collect more trace data.

  10. Click on Apply to save the configuration settings.

  11. Click on Debug to connect to the target.

  12. Debugging requires the DS-5 Debug perspective. If the Confirm Perspective Switch dialog box opens, click Yes to switch perspective.

When connected and the DS-5 Debug perspective opens you are presented with all the relevant Channel editors for the Event Viewer.

For more information on these options, use the dynamic help.

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