2.2 Launching DS-5 and connecting to DS-5 Debugger

After installing DS-5, use the options relevant to your operating system to launch Eclipse for DS-5. Then, create a debug configuration to connect to DS-5 Debugger.


  1. Launch Eclipse for DS-5:
    • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > ARM® DS-5 > Eclipse for DS-5.
    • On Linux:
      • If you installed the DS-5 shortcut during installation, you can select Eclipse for DS-5 from your list of applications.
      • To run DS-5 from the command-line:
        1. Open a command-line terminal.


          Ensure that DS-5_install_directory/bin/ is available in your PATH environment variable.
        2. Enter eclipse at the prompt.


        HandOn Linux, you can also use suite_exec to configure the environment variables correctly for DS-5. Run DS-5_install_directory/bin/suite_exec <shell> to open a shell with the PATH and other environment variables correctly configured. Run suite_exec with no arguments for help. For more information, see Installing DS-5.
  2. Select Window > Open Perspective > DS-5 Debug from the main menu.
  3. To connect to a target:
    • If you have not run a debug session previously, then you must configure a connection between the debugger and the target before you can start any debugging tasks.
    • If you have run a debug session previously, then you can select a target connection in the Debug Control view and click on the Connect to Target toolbar icon.
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