4.7 Target configuration editor - Enumerations tab

A tabular view that enables you to assign values to meaningful names for use by registers you have defined. Enumerations can be used, instead of values, when a register is displayed in the Registers view. This setting enables you to define the names associated with different values. Names defined in this group are displayed in the Registers view, and can be used to change register values.
Register bit fields are numbered 0, 1, 2,... regardless of their position in the register.
For example, you might want to define ENABLED as 1 and DISABLED as 0.
The following settings are available:
Unique Name
Name of the selected enumeration (mandatory).
Definitions specified as comma separated values for selection in the Registers tab (mandatory).
Detailed description of the selected enumeration.
Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk. Toolbar buttons and error messages are displayed in the header panel as appropriate.
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