12.3 Target connection problems and solutions

Lists possible problems when connecting to a target.

Failing to make a connection

The debugger might fail to connect to the selected debug target because of the following reasons:
  • you do not have a valid license to use the debug target
  • the debug target is not installed or the connection is disabled
  • the target hardware is in use by another user
  • the connection has been left open by software that exited incorrectly
  • the target has not been configured, or a configuration file cannot be located
  • the target hardware is not powered up ready for use
  • the target is on a scan chain that has been claimed for use by something else
  • the target hardware is not connected
  • you want to connect through gdbserver but the target is not running gdbserver
  • there is no ethernet connection from the host to the target
  • the port number in use by the host and the target are incorrect
Check the target connections and power up state, then try and reconnect to the target.

Debugger connection settings

When debugging a bare-metal target the debugger might fail to connect because of the following reasons:
  • Heap Base address is incorrect
  • Stack Base (top of memory) address is incorrect
  • Heap Limit address is incorrect
  • Incorrect vector catch settings.
Check that the memory map settings are correct for the selected target. If set incorrectly, the application might crash because of stack corruption or because the application overwrites its own code.
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