11.3 ARM assembler editor

Use the ARM® assembler editor to view and edit ARM assembly language source code. It provides syntax highlighting, code formatting, and content assist for auto-completion.

This editor also enables you to:
  • Select an instruction or directive and press F3 to view the related ARM assembler reference information.
  • Set, remove, enable, or disable a breakpoint.
  • Set or remove a trace start or stop point.
Figure 11-3 ARM assembler editor
ARM assembler editor

In the left-hand margin of each editor tab you can find a marker bar that displays view markers associated with specific lines in the source code.
To set a breakpoint, double-click in the marker bar at the position where you want to set the breakpoint. To delete a breakpoint, double-click on the breakpoint marker.

Action context menu options

Right-click in the marker bar, or the line number column if visible, to display the action context menu for the ARM assembler editor. The options available include:
DS-5 Breakpoints menu
The following breakpoint options are available:
Toggle Breakpoint
Adds or removes a breakpoint.
Toggle Hardware Breakpoint
Sets or removes a hardware breakpoint.
Resolve Breakpoint
Resolves a pending breakpoint.
Disable Breakpoint, Enable Breakpoint
Disables or enables the selected breakpoint.
Toggle Trace Start Point
Sets or removes a trace start point.
Toggle Trace Stop Point
Sets or removes a trace stop point.
Toggle Trace Trigger Point
Starts a trace trigger point at the selected address.
Breakpoint Properties...
Displays the Breakpoint Properties dialog box for the selected breakpoint. This enables you to control breakpoint activation.
Default Breakpoint Type
The following breakpoint options are available:
DS-5 C/C++ Breakpoint
Select to use the DS-5 Debug perspective breakpoint scheme. This is the default for the DS-5 Debug perspective.


The Default Breakpoint Type selected causes the top-level Toggle Breakpoint menu in this context menu and the double-click action in the left-hand ruler to toggle either CDT Breakpoints or DS-5 Breakpoints. This menu is also available from the Run menu in the main menu bar at the top of the C/C++, Debug, and DS-5 Debug perspectives.
The menu options under DS-5 Breakpoints do not honor this setting and always refer to DS-5 Breakpoints.
Show Line Numbers
Show or hide line numbers.
For more information on the other options not listed here, see the dynamic help.
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