11.23 Target view

Use the Target view to display the debug capabilities of the target, for example the types of breakpoints it supports. It does not allow you to modify the capabilities.

Figure 11-28 Target view
Target view

Right-click on the column headers to select the columns that you want displayed:
The name of the target capability.
The value of the target capability.
The name of the target capability. This is used by some commands in the Commands view.
A brief description of the target capability.
Show All Columns
Displays all columns.
Reset Columns
Resets the columns displayed and their widths to the default.
The Name, Value, and Description columns are displayed by default.
The Target view is not visible by default. To add this view:
  1. Ensure that you are in the DS-5 Debug perspective.
  2. Select Window > Show View > Target.

Toolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:
Linked: context
Links this view to the selected connection in the Debug Control view. This is the default. Alternatively you can link the view to a different connection. If the connection you want is not shown in the drop-down list you might have to select it first in the Debug Control view.
Refresh the Target Capabilities
Refreshes the view.
View Menu
This menu contains the following option:
New Target View
Displays a new instance of the Target view.
Copies the selected capabilities. To copy the capabilities in a group such as Breakpoint capabilities, you must first expand that group.
This is useful if you want to copy the capabilities to a text editor to save them for future reference.
Select All
Selects all capabilities currently expanded in the view.
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