11.21 Scripts view

Use the Scripts view to display a list of favorite scripts. It also enables you to import, run, edit, and remove scripts.

You can also import scripts into this view when you save commands in the History view.
Multiple selections are executed in the order listed in the view. To change the order, drag and drop the scripts into the required order.
Figure 11-27 Scripts view
Scripts view


The default location for script files is controlled by a DS-5 Debugger setting in the Preferences dialog box. You can access this setting by selecting Preferences from the Window menu.

Toolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:
Creates a new script
Creates a new empty script. To add contents to the script, select the script and click Edit Selected Scripts.
Execute Selected Scripts
Runs the selected scripts. If you select multiple scripts, the debugger runs them in the order listed in the Scripts view.
Edit Selected Scripts
Enables you to edit the selected scripts. The scripts are opened in the C/C++ editor view.
Delete Selected Scripts
Deletes the selected scripts from the favorites list. It also prompts you whether to delete the scripts from the file system.
Import Script...
Imports a script file into the favorites list.
Script Parameters
Enables you to pass parameters to scripts. The parameters can be any combination of fixed strings and variables including file and folder prompts. Using file and folder prompts, you can select items within standard file and folder dialogs.


Select a script to enable the Script Parameters option.
Copies the selected script filename and removes the script from the view. It also prompts you whether to delete the selected script from the file system.
Copies the selected script filename.
Pastes a script filename that you have previously cut or copied.
If you deleted the file from the file system as part of a cut operation, the file contents are not restored. You must edit the file to add new commands.
If you did not delete the file as part of a cut operation, the debugger links the filename to the file in the file system.
Deletes the selected script from the favorites list. It also prompts you whether to delete the script from the file system.
Select All
Selects all script files.
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