15.3.2 Configdb board files

Within the configdb is the Boards directory. It contains one sub-directory for each board manufacturer, and a boards.xml file which optionally provides human-readable display names for boards.
For example, the Keil MCBSTM32E platform is a simple STM32E (Cortex-M3) MCU board. The main configdb files are located in <DS-5 install folder>sw\debugger\configdb\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32E, and are as follows:
This is the main XML file which describes the platform entry to DS-5.
This is the DTSL platform configuration and setup script, implemented in Jython.
This is the DSTREAM RDDI configuration file for the platform. The DS-5 Debug Hardware Configuration utility usually creates this file.
This contains information on flash devices and algorithms, and their configuration parameters.
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