11.53 Debug Hardware Firmware Installer view

Use the Debug Hardware Firmware Installer view to update the firmware for your debug hardware.

To access the Debug Hardware Firmware Installer view, from the main menu, select Window > Show View > Other > DS-5 Debugger > Debug Hardware Firmware Installer.
A debug hardware unit stores templates for each supported device. Each template defines how to communicate with the device and the settings that you can configure for that device. The templates are provided in a firmware file.
ARM® periodically releases updates and patches to the firmware that is installed on a debug hardware unit. Each update or patch is released as a firmware file. These updates or patches might extend the capabilities of your debug hardware, or might fix an issue that has become apparent.
In DS-5, the latest firmware files are available at: DS-5_install_directory\sw\debughw\firmware\
Figure 11-59 Debug Hardware Firmware Installer
Debug Hardware Firmware Installer

Debug Hardware Firmware Installer view options

Select Debug Hardware
The currently selected debug hardware. You can either enter the IP address or host name of the debug hardware unit, or use the Browse button and select the debug hardware unit.
Click to display the Connection Browser dialog. Use it to browse and select the debug hardware unit in your local network or one that is connected to a USB port on the host workstation.
Click to visually identify your debug hardware unit using the indicators available on the debug hardware. On RVI™, all LEDs on the front panel flash during identification. On DSTREAM™ , the DSTREAM logo flashes during identification.
Click to connect to your debug hardware. Once connected, the dialog shows the current firmware status.
Select Firmware Update File
Use the Browse button and select the firmware file. Once the file is selected, the dialog shows the selected firmware update file details.
Click to browse and select the firmware file.
Click to clear the currently selected debug hardware and firmware file.
Click to install the firmware file on the selected debug hardware.

Firmware file format

Firmware files have the following syntax: ARM-RVI-N.n.p-bld-type.unit
Is the version of the firmware. For example, 4.5.0 is the first release of firmware version 4.5.
Is a build number.
Is either:
The first release of the firmware for version N.n.
Updates to the corresponding N.n release of the firmware.
Identifies the debug hardware unit, and is one of:
for a DSTREAM debug and trace unit.
for an RVI debug unit.
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