11.54 Connection Browser dialog box

Use the Connection Browser dialog box to browse for and select a debug hardware unit in your local network or one that is connected to a USB port on the host workstation. When the Connection Browser dialog box finds a unit, it is added to the list of available units.

To view the Connection Browser dialog, click Browse from the Debug Hardware Configure IP or Debug Hardware Firmware Installer views.
To connect to the debug hardware, select the hardware from the list, and click Select.
Figure 11-60 Connection Browser (Showing a USB connected DSTREAM)
Connection Browser (Showing a USB connected DSTREAM)


  • If debug hardware units do not appear in the list, check your network and setup of your debug unit.
  • Debug hardware units connected to different networks do not appear in the Connection Browser dialog box. If you want to connect to a debug hardware unit on a separate network, you must know the IP address of that unit.
  • Any unit shown in light gray has responded to browse requests but does not have a valid IP address. You cannot connect to that unit by TCP/IP until you have configured it for use on your network.
  • Only appropriate debug hardware units are shown. VSTREAM connections are not shown.
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