4.1 About the Target Configuration Editor

The target configuration editor provides forms and graphical views to easily create and edit Target Configuration Files (TCF) describing memory mapped peripheral registers present on a device. It also provides import and export wizards for compatibility with the file formats used in μVision System Viewer.

TCF files must have the file extension .tcf to invoke this editor.

If this is not the default editor, right-click on your source file in the Project Explorer view and select Open With > Target Configuration Editor from the context menu.

The target configuration editor also provides a hierarchical tree using the Outline view. Click on an entry in the Outline view to move the focus of the editor to the relevant tab and selected field. If this view is not visible, select Window > Show View > Outline from the main menu.

To configure the target peripherals, you must provide the TCF files to DS-5 Debugger before connecting to the target. You can specify directories containing TCF files in the Debug Configurations window by selecting Add peripheral description files from directory in the Files tab.

Figure 4-1 Specifying TCF files in the Debug Configurations window
Specifying TCF files in the Debug Configurations window

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