9.4 Considerations when creating debugger scripts for the Snapshot Viewer

Shows a typical example of an initialization file for use with the Snapshot Viewer.

The Snapshot Viewer uses an initialization file that emulates the state of the original system. The symbols are loaded from the image using the data.load.elf command with the /nocode /noreg arguments.

The snapshot data and registers are read-only and so the commands you can use are limited.

The following example shows a script using CMM-style commands to analyze the contents of the types_m3.axf image.

var.print "Connect and load symbols:"
data.load.elf "types_m3.axf"  /nocode /noreg
;Arrays and pointers to arrays
var.print ""
var.print "Arrays and pointers to arrays:"
var.print "Value of i_array[9999] is " i_array[9999]
var.print "Value of *(i_array+9999) is " *(i_array+9999)
var.print "Value of d_array[1][5] is " d_array[1][5]
var.print "Values of *((*d_array)+9) is " *((*d_array)+9)
var.print "Values of *((*d_array)) is " *((*d_array))
var.print "Value of &d_array[5][5] is " &d_array[5][5]
;Display 0x100 bytes from address in register PC
var.print ""
var.print "Display 0x100 bytes from address in register PC:"
data.dump r(PC)++0x100
;Structures and bit-fields
var.print ""
var.print "Structures and bit-fields:"
var.print "Value of values2.no is " values2.no
var.print "Value of ptr_values->no is " ptr_values->no
var.print "Value of values2.name is " values2.name
var.print "Value of ptr_values->name is " ptr_values->name
var.print "Value of values2.name[0] is " values2.name[0]
var.print "Value of (*ptr_values).name is " (*ptr_values).name
var.print "Value of values2.f1 is " values2.f1
var.print "Value of values2.f2 is " values2.f2
var.print "Value of ptr_values->f1 is " ptr_values->f1
var.print ""
var.print "Disconnect:"
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