15.2.4 DS-5 Debugger architecture before DTSL

Before DTSL first became available, the early DS-5 Debugger Software stack was as shown in the following figure:

Figure 15-2 Initial DS-5 Debugger SW Stack
Initial DS-5 Debugger SW Stack

From the bottom upwards, the components of the debug stack are:

The debugger uses this API as its standard native connection to a debug controller such as DSTREAM/RVI, CADI Model, or gdbserver. There is an implementation of RDDI-DEBUG for each of the supported types of debug controller.
This API is identical to RDDI-DEBUG, but it is used to 'vector' the API calls to the appropriate implementation. This is necessary because the debugger can support multiple connections and connection types simultaneously.
This is a Java wrapper for the C RDDI-DEBUG API. It is not a true Java layer, but nominally it is the lowest Java layer in the stack.
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