15.2.6 DS-5 Debugger connection sequence showing where DTSL fits in

The sequence below outlines the DS-5 Debugger connection sequence when connecting to a target, and where DTSL fits in.

  1. The user creates an Eclipse launch configuration by selecting a platform (board) and a debug operation from the DS-5 configdb. The user also specifies other debugger configuration parameters such as which file (.axf) to debug.
  2. The user activates a launch configuration, either from the launch configuration editor or by selecting a previously prepared launch configuration.
  3. The debugger launcher code locates the platform (board) entry in the DS-5 Debugger configdb and locates the DTSL configuration script. This script is run, and it creates the DTSL configuration.
  4. The debugger connects to the DTSL configuration created by the script. It locates, by name, the object or objects identified by the debug operation specified in the configdb platform entry. It uses these objects to access the target device, including access to memory, registers, and execution state.
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