15.3.1 Modifying DS-5 configdb

The DS-5 configdb is usually installed into a read-only location, to prevent accidental modification of the installed files. However, DS-5 allows the user to install configdb extensions, which can be in a writeable location. The configdb extensions can also override the entries in the installed directories. To modify an installed configdb board entry (directory), you need to copy the installed entry into your Documents folder or home directory, modify it, and tell DS-5 to add it as a configdb extension.

For example, to modify the Keil MCBSTM32E platform files:

  1. Create a configdb directory in your Documents folder or in another writeable location.
  2. Create a Boards directory inside the configdb directory.
  3. Copy the Keil/MSCSTM32E directory into the Boards directory.
  4. Modify the copied configdb files.
  5. Tell DS-5 about the new configdb extension. To do this:
    1. Select Window > Preferences.
    2. Expand the DS-5 entry in the Preferences window.
    3. Select the Configuration Database entry.
    4. Click the Add... button to add the location of the new configuration database to the User Configuration Databases list.


    If you modify any of the XML files in a configdb directory, you must tell DS-5 to rebuild the database by clicking the Rebuild database... button on the DS-5 Configuration Database preferences panel.
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