15.3.2 Configdb board files

Within the configdb is the Boards directory. It contains one sub-directory for each board manufacturer, and a boards.xml file which optionally provides human-readable display names for boards.

For example, the Keil MCBSTM32E platform is a simple STM32E (Cortex-M3) MCU board. The main configdb files are located in <DS-5 install folder>sw\debugger\configdb\Boards\Keil\MCBSTM32E, and are as follows:

This is the main XML file which describes the platform entry to DS-5.
This is the DTSL platform configuration and setup script, implemented in Jython.
This is the DSTREAM RDDI configuration file for the platform. This file can have an extension of either .rcf or .rvc. The DS-5 Platform Configuration Editor usually creates this file.
This contains information on flash devices and algorithms, and their configuration parameters.
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