15.5.2 DTSL device objects

Device objects are used to interface to any target component that has an RDDI-DEBUG interface. Such components are typically cores or CoreSight devices. All Device objects implement the IDevice interface, which closely matches the RDDI-DEBUG native interface.

The following is a code sequence from a DTSL Jython script to create the Device object for a Cortex®-A8 core:

1. devID = self.findDevice("Cortex-A8")
2. self.cortexA8 = ConnectableDevice(self, devID, "Cortex-A8")
3. self.addDeviceInterface(self.cortexA8)		

Line 1 locates the device ID (RDDI-DEBUG device index number) for the named device from the RDDI configuration. Line 2 creates the DTSL ConnectableDevice object. Line 3 adds the device object to the DTSL configuration.

The following figure shows part of the Device class hierarchy:

Figure 15-5 DTSL Device object hierarchy
DTSL Device object hierarchy


The figure shows the main components used for cores and core clusters.
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